Wayne NJ Dentist on Why to Love Your Smile

Your Wayne NJ dentist loves to see you smile. It is the true reason we got into dentistry in the first place and the reason we offer so many of the best general, cosmetic and advanced procedures to all of our patients in the Wayne NJ area and beyond.

But did you know by giving you a smile you love, we aren’t just simply making you look more attractive or helping you eat or speak better? That’s right- the smile has a whole slew of benefits associated with it, some internal, some external that we will be discussing with you today!

From the outside-in, YES, you look your best while you smile. You can display pride, self-confidence and a whole other variety of characteristics just by smiling. Smiling at the right person can form a bond that may last a life time.

Smiling even physically can make you look younger too. By genuinely smiling, you can work certain muscles in the face that will lighten the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and other age-telling skin symptoms. It’s estimated that most people who experience this look some 5 years younger! Who wouldn’t want that?

From the inside perspective, smiling does a ton for your internal health and balance as well. Smiling can help release endorphins or hormones that positively control your mood, lessen stress and reduce pain too. Smiling can also help keep your immune system in check so that if a health issue arises, your body can eradicate it efficiently, quickly.

Lastly, while considered a bit of a cliché, smiling is actually contagious. You can smile even more knowing that you have passed all of the above benefits on to someone else for them to enjoy as well.

For more information on the power of a smile, or to have your Wayne NJ dentist help you achieve one that you would love to share, call our office today at (973) 694-4494.

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