Your Wyckoff Dentist Explains Invisalign & How it Helps Patients!


Orthodontics can be a stressful period in a person’s life whether they’re a teenager or an adult. Having metal braces can take a toll on someone, whether it’s due to social anxiety, trouble eating, or other difficulties in everyday activities. Thankfully, your Wyckoff dentist provides the most beneficial procedure for patients who want to better their smile—Invisalign!

Talk to your dentist about Invisalign and what it can do for you. This procedure works much like braces but uses aligners that are virtually invisible. The reason to properly align your teeth is to improve your oral health. Dental issues like crooked, overlapped, overbite or underbite can be solved buy alignment. Each set of aligners is made custom to your teeth in order to better your smile. They shift your teeth slowly but aren’t as nearly as painful as braces.

Your dentist can also tell you how long you’ll have to wear these aligners. This process is simple and will go by faster than you know! Invisalign trays can be easily removed for eating and drinking, easily cleaned, and are hardly ever noticeable to others. Since there are no wires to poke and prod at the inside of your mouth, you’re less likely to irritate the inside of your cheeks. Not only are the trays easy to clean, but your daily oral hygiene regimen doesn’t have to change either. Brushing and flossing should still be done in the morning and at night.

Because of these aligners working so efficiently, you’ll want to improve your oral health care! Brushing and flossing are to be done after every meal before you reapply your aligners so you’re not letting food particles and bacteria to linger and be trapped against your teeth in the aligners.

To learn more about what this treatment can do for you, contact your Wyckoff dentist by calling our office at 973-694-4494.

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