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Does your mouth get an ache when enjoying items such as a hot cup of coffee or a cool scoop of ice cream? If so, welcome to the sensitive teeth club. It’s a membership we know you would rather not have, but you may be a part of the organization for quite some time.

With one of the highest member counts in the world, sensitive teeth are one of the most common issues looked at by your Wayne NJ dentist daily. In order to educate the members, or the lucky non-card holders of the sensitive teeth club, today we will be looking at the causes, results and possible solutions of this unnerving toothache.

Do you remember the coffee and ice cream we discussed in the introduction? As it turns out, items like those and many more can be an initial cause of sensitive teeth. Acidic and sugary compounds over time will wear away at the enamel of the teeth, leaving microscopic holes in the dentin that can reach towards the center pulp and nerve of the tooth.

It is when almost any substance, but particularly hot or cold ones, come in contact with the nerve that the horrible sensitive toothache can be triggered. As in the rest of our body, the nerves are meant to be protected and untouched. If they happen to interfere with, they can transmit a signal of pain to your brain to signify this unnatural occurrence.

If you do not yet have your membership card, try to lay off some of the acidic or sugary dietary options and brush your teeth regularly to avoid erosion.

If you are currently suffering through a bout with sensitive teeth, there are many oral numbing kinds of toothpaste, gels and mouthwashes that may be able to temporarily help. Keyword = temporarily. These items can help numb the ache for the time being, but the ultimate way to treat your sensitive teeth is to see your Wayne NJ dentist.

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