Besides performing in-office procedures daily, your Wyckoff dentist is responsible for providing patients with essential oral health information as well. Unfortunately, sometimes this task may not be an initial delivery, but maintenance work instead.

What we mean is that not all the information that patients may have gained previously from exterior sources, like the internet or friends, may be accurate- so we must sometimes work to correct it.

For that very reason, today we have provided a few examples of some dental misinformation or “myths” that we wished to correct:

Brushing Bleeding Gums is Harmful
Bleeding gums are one of the most common dental issues experienced by patients, and can ultimately be indicative of a greater issue, like gum disease, developing. Most people will first notice they have bleeding gums while spitting out their toothpaste during brushing their teeth. Typically the cause for this bleeding is that the patient hasn’t been brushing or flossing enough. The idea that continuing to brush through the bleeding is harmful is wrong because it can sometimes be the ONLY WAY to in fact beat the bleeding and subsequent disease.

Only “Bad” Sugars Cause Cavities
Cavities and decay result from bacteria in the mouth that produce enamel eroding acids. These bacteria have a very specific diet, which includes the sugars that you ingest daily. Their diet can range from some of the more blatantly harmful sugars, such as sodas and candy, to even the carbohydrates found in bread, pasta and other seemingly healthier options.

Pain Relief
Some patients have claimed to have gained toothache relief from cracking an aspirin on top of, or placing it next to, a tooth in pain. Your Wyckoff dentist cannot advise against this enough. Aspirin has a safety coating due to its acidic content underneath. If placing this uncoated tablet on the gums, tongue or soft tissue of the mouth- you can be expecting to suffer from not only that original toothache, but chemical burns in the surrounding areas as well.

Make sure to run any oral health information you may be curious about by your Wyckoff dentist before deciding to act upon it. Call our office to set an appointment today at (973) 694-4494.

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