Cosmetic dentistry has been a great focus in our field for quite some time but really has taken off within the last few years in particular. With treatments ranging from teeth whitening to bonding and more, your Wyckoff cosmetic dentist offers these options to patients to help them achieve the smile they desire.

But with all that said, a definition or a focus only really means something if it has power behind it. So with that in mind, today we will be looking to answer, “What is cosmetic dentistry all about?” to help understand how it truly helps patients every day.

From a basic standpoint, cosmetics deal with appearance and aesthetic. A cosmetic dentist is then one who is more concerned with the look and appearance of the teeth, compared to necessarily the function of the teeth.

Now, that is not to say that function and form do not come into play in the field of cosmetic dentistry at all. With treatments such as Invisalign, bonding and more we can not only be making your teeth look amazing- but can also be correcting functionality problems.

For example, getting veneers may not only help cover the appearance of chipped or stained teeth but can also help strengthen the tooth it is bonded too. Function benefits while looks were the primary target.

It is also worth noting that a cosmetic dentist will not be ignoring functionality to gain attractiveness points. As doctors, the well-being of the patient always comes first and foremost- so no sacrifices will be made on our behalf that can harm a patient just to look better.

So besides growing patient interest in cosmetic dentistry, why practice it then?

Your Wyckoff cosmetic dentist and many other dental professionals, truly believe in the power of the smile. We believe that is also why, maybe subconsciously, so many patients have taken to liking these methods as well. By changing someone’s smile, you can be changing how they feel inside. Nothing beats getting a boost of confidence, pride or happiness…which all, plus many more factors, can be correlated to a great looking smile.

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