To Further Protect Your Teeth, Wyckoff Dentist Wants Patients to Avoid these Snacks & Drinks!


While there are some foods and drinks that may benefit your physical health, it’s important to consider your oral health, as well. Too much of anything usually isn’t a good thing, so maintaining a healthy eating routine is essential in protecting your teeth. Your Wyckoff dentist has some foods and drinks that patients should avoid in large amounts.


Heavy Citrus Intake
There are countless ways to get proper nutrients, and eating fruits is one of them! Unfortunately, enjoying too much fruit can damage your tooth enamel. Plus, if you’re one to enjoy fruit juices, these also include artificial sugars that are harmful. Too much acidity from fresh fruits and juices can give a patient an uncomfortable feeling in their mouth and can even cause mouth sores. Try to even out the amount of fruit you eat by combining it with something mild, like non-fat yogurt.


Avoid Dried Fruits
While this may seem like a smart choice, dried fruit is actually just as harmful, if not more, as other snacks. Most fruits that are dried were fruits that naturally held water, which is beneficial because the water triggers saliva flow. When the water is taken out of the fruit, then not only is there artificial sugars added to this snack, but the fruit is not nearly as healthy for you. The dried fruit is sticky and clings to your teeth, which can be difficult to clean from a simple brushing.


Sodas are Your Worst Enemy
Your best bet is to avoid drinking sodas completely. If not, then cut down on how many sodas you drink and replace it with water. The extremely high amounts of acidity, caffeine, and other harmful ingredients erode your tooth enamel and can quickly cause cavities, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.


If you’re interested in learning about more foods and drinks to avoid, then contact your Wyckoff dentist, Dr. Choe, by calling this number 973-694-4494 to schedule an appointment today!

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