Your Wyckoff cosmetic dentist has a great deal of specialized tools that can help make your smile look its best. What you may not realize, however, is that you actually have one of the most efficient dental tools at home already: your toothbrush. Twice daily brushing is one of the best ways to maintain great oral health, as well as preventing further issues from developing.

By their very nature, our toothbrushes are exposed to not only a plethora of bacteria from our mouths, but also from the environments we place them in. In order to keep your brush at its best, today we have some simple maintenance and storage guidelines to take a look at:

Before and after brushing, ensuring that no leftover particles or bacteria are stuck on your bristles is essential. Handling this, luckily, is quite easy. Simply wash the head of the brush under hot water while pushing a finger through the bristles. This combination of energies and heat should break up and wash away any linger particles waiting for the chance to damage your teeth.

Following your brushing, storing the brush is an equally important process. Make sure the brush is stored in a well-ventilated holder, and is right side up. To prevent cross-contamination, do not allow for the brush to make contact with any other brushes or surfaces. Lastly, make sure to remove the entire white residue that can form on the side or bottom of the holder over time. That “gunk” most likely has large deposits of bacteria in it and is just growing worse by day.

The last thing to keep in mind is how long you have had your brush. After 3-4 months your brush will have seen enough “damage” to the bristles from your day-to-day brushing that it can become compromised more easily by bacteria. This bristle damage can ultimately lead to a less effective cleaning too, and no one wants that. Throw the brush out and get a new one to maintain your oral health.

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