Dental Health Wayne NJ Location Discusses Reasons Why Your Gums are Bleeding


When you’re brushing your teeth and see some blood, it can be a quite alarming for the first time. This can cause people to stop brushing their teeth on the spot, not wanting to irritate their mouth anymore. Unfortunately, this is not always the proper solution. Your dental health Wayne NJ location is here to discuss why your gums may be bleeding and what you should do about it.


Poor Oral Hygiene
This one may be a given, but many people are surprised that their gums are bleeding due to poor oral hygiene. This is due to not brushing at least twice a day and not flossing at least once. If this is continuously ignored, then the visual build-up of bacteria and plaque are bound to happen soon. To prevent this from occurring, seriously begin practicing better dental routines.


If you’re worried that you’re not getting the best cleaning from your manual toothbrush, consider switching to an electric one. They’re able to provide an easier clean for when you brush and properly massage the gums. Flossing should be incorporated into your everyday cleansing because the floss is able to get to the spaces below the gum line. Inflammation in the gums is usually caused by bacteria and food particles sticking around and not being taken care of for an extended amount of time, allowing it to grow and irritate your mouth.


Poor Diet
This includes an excessive amount of sweets, chocolates, and many snacks. If you’re not incorporating a well-balanced diet into your meals, then your teeth may be suffering. Including fruits and vegetables are extremely important because they help keep your mouth healthy with their natural vitamins, water content to help trigger saliva flow, and helps boost your immune system. When you’re eating well, your mouth will thank you!


A bad habit like smoking cigarettes or using any other kind of tobacco product is deadly for your teeth and gums. The high amounts of toxins that are found in tobacco go straight into your gums when you have a cigarette. Remember that your mouth is directly affected when you smoke, so the first sight of a problem will most likely be found there.


The risks of getting gum disease are enormous if you’re a smoker. Not only will cigarettes damage your teeth and gums, but this tobacco is going straight into your bloodstream from your gums. Smoking quickly affects the rest of your body, so it should be no surprise that your gums are suffering first.


To learn more about how you may be damaging your gums and what to do about it, contact your dental health Wayne NJ location by calling this number 973-694-4494 to request an appointment or consultation today.

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